This project allows you to play two games – Tetris and Snake – on a PAL TV using a very simple circuit based around an ATmega168.

TV game circuit

Martin Šustek has modified the project to also include a Sokoban game. Some information about his version can be found dotted throughout this page; for full details, please visit his website (Czech).


The original source code and binary can be downloaded from this link.

Martin Šustek's version, including Sokoban, can be downloaded from his website.

Game Videos

Either game can be selected with a menu that appears when you power up the circuit. Tetris was developed first, and so doesn't show this menu in the following video.

Martin Šustek's version including Sokoban is shown below:


TV game in its enclosure
I put my version of this project into an enclosure with an external RCA jack for video output, DC power socket and power switch.

Insides of the TV game
Thanks to the simplicity of the circuit, most of the inside of the box is taken up by the switches and their wires.
The pin header behind the ATmega168 can be used to update the software via a programming cable.

Playing Tetris